Server and Storage Services

Server and Storage Services

APP IN SNAP provides customized server and storage solutions to your unique business needs. Our experts help you design and implement advanced infrastructure that enhances efficiency and drives growth.

Proper server setup establishes a high-performing foundation. Our engineers, with years of experience, efficiently install and configure servers to meet specifications. We offer personalized server solutions that match your workload, scalability, and technology requirements instead of using standard servers.


Storage Solutions and Setup

We architect storage to deliver performance, scalability, and data security. We assess your capacity, performance, and availability requirements to design storage solutions that fit your needs. Leading practices for storage tiering, caching, and more, we build an architecture for optimizing workflow.

Data Backup and Recovery


We provide data backup and recovery services to store and protect your server data. We do this in accordance with your retention policies and recovery time objectives. In case of an outage or loss, we enable rapid restoration. Regular DR testing ensures recoverability.

Server Virtualization Integration

Virtualization provides flexibility and efficiency. We seamlessly integrate virtualization technology like VMware or Hyper-V into your environment. You can provision and manage virtual server setup machines and resources dynamically, maximizing utilization.

Server Raid Configurations


RAID enhances availability and performance through redundancy. We recommend the best RAID setup for your needs, considering speed, capacity, and fault tolerance. RAID safeguards against disk failure while RAID hdd configuration improves I/O.

In data management, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations serve as the requirement, encouraging the availability and performance of your storage infrastructure. We help you navigate the complex world of RAID to keep your data safe, accessible, and strong.

RAID 0: Boosting Speed with Striping

· Ideal for those prioritizing speed, RAID 0 employs a striping technique that distributes data across multiple disk drives. While it enhances performance, it lacks redundancy, making weighing speed against potential data loss crucial.

RAID 1: Ensuring Fault Tolerance with Mirroring

· For those emphasizing fault tolerance, RAID 1 utilizes mirroring, creating an identical copy of data on two separate disks. While it doesn't provide the same speed boost as RAID 0, it ensures data integrity even during a disk failure.

RAID 5: Balancing Performance and Redundancy

· Balancing the scales, RAID 5 distributes parity across multiple disks, ensuring performance and redundancy. This configuration suits those seeking a compromise between speed and fault tolerance.

RAID 10: The Best of Both Worlds

RAID 10 combines mirroring and stripping, offering the best of both worlds – speed and fault tolerance. Despite requiring more disks, it provides a reliable solution for businesses prioritizing performance and data reliability.

Scalable Storage Solutions


We provide storage to meet your changing requirements. Modular, distributed storage architecture allows for adding capacity as needed. On-prem and cloud resources can be leveraged to expand storage capacity quickly.

Good storage performance accelerates applications and workflows. Using best practices to eliminate bottlenecks, we optimize the speed of storage device infrastructure. We keep enhancing performance through monitoring, analytics, and technologies like caching/tiering.

Hybrid Storage Solutions

Hybrid storage balances performance and economics. We combine the right mix of high-speed, lower-cost, and cloud storage spaces to your workloads. You gain flexibility and agility by integrating clouds into your storage environment seamlessly.

Storage Security Measures

We bake security into our storage methodologies. We implement defense-in-depth controls, starting with the physical security of data centers. Encryption, role-based access, and other measures ensure your data's protection.

Benefits of Choosing Us


APP IN SNAP is the best option for server and storage solutions. Our expertise in complex IT deployments allows us to handle your toughest requirements. Our managed services provide monitoring, maintenance, and support for peak uptime.

Future Trends

We anticipate and proactively stay ahead of the direction in which server and storage technology is heading. We foresee innovations you can leverage from AI to multi-cloud services for strategic impact. We continuously explore emerging solutions to position you for the future.

How Our Services Make a Difference

The impact of our solutions is far-reaching. Our custom-designed infrastructure unlocks new operational capabilities. Optimized servers and storage help you do more with less while minimizing downtime.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

We provide continuous oversight and assistance. Early issue detection through comprehensive monitoring avoids problems. Our experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems and answer questions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Sophisticated technology doesn't have to mean high cost. Leveraging IT best practices, we provide maximum value and ideal TCO. Beyond hourly billing, we offer monthly subscription models that provide predictability.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our solutions quickly adapt over time. We make scaling painless so you can meet evolving needs flexibly. Modular designs ensure your environment can grow and take advantage of innovations.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We empower your team with knowledge. To sustain solutions, we provide IT training tailored to your environment. Through documentation and knowledge sharing, our expertise becomes yours.

Technology Integration

We push the envelope of what's possible. From AI-optimized resource management to multi-cloud, we deliver tomorrow's tech today. Our innovative solutions ensure your infrastructure maintains a competitive edge.

When you use APP IN SNAP for business servers and storage, you have a skilled partner. This partner can create and manage the technology that helps you succeed now and in the future.

Why Choose APP IN SNAP?

Discover the differentiators that set APP IN SNAP apart. Our seasoned professionals bring unparalleled expertise to every project—no one-size-fits-all approach.

We craft solutions that align with your unique business requirements. Count on us for seamless operations, robust security, and unparalleled reliability. Embrace the latest advancements in server and storage services with APP IN SNAP.


Q.What is the primary purpose of managed NOC services?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the cautious judgement that manages your network infrastructure. It focuses on finding and addressing impending issues before they impact operations. Our NOC checks select active monitoring, confirming better network reliability and nonstop connectivity for your business.

Q.How does SOC differ from NOC in terms of services?

While NOC mainly focuses on network performance optimization and stability, the (SOC) Security Operations Center specializes in cybersecurity. APP IN SNAP is an SOC services provider present innovative threat monitoring, incident response, and forensic defending, safeguarding your digital resources against developing security threats.

Q.How quickly does APP IN SNAP respond to network or security incidents?

We understand the importance of incident handling. Our experts take immediate action, ensuring a timely and capable resolution to any network or security risks. Our collaborative approach between NOC and SOC allows for a directed response, reducing time and control on your operations.

Q.What kind of technologies do network operation center vs security operation center services utilize?

We integrate a combination of complex technologies in our NOC & SOC services. We use monitoring systems and tools, AI-driven analytics, and machine learning for NOC. In SOC, intelligent tools include threat hunting platforms, interruption detection systems, and advanced security tools.

Q.How does APP IN SNAP ensure an approach to cyber-attack surface?

We prioritize knowing your business and our expertise to meet your desired needs. In clash response, our teams blend capability with compassion. We believe in creating partnerships, presenting not just services but a collaborative journey toward sustaining your digital landscape.

Q.Can APP IN SNAP integrate NOC and SOC services for comprehensive security?

Certainly! We believe in a combined approach to security. Integrating NOC and SOC services makes for a comprehensive defense policy. The cooperation allows for information flow and provides a view of your digital circumstance's health and security.