DataCenter Services

Colocation Solution

Discover reliability and efficiency with APP IN SNAP's Colocation Services. Our data center facilitates providing secure and optimized surroundings for your significant IT infrastructure.

Benefit from high-performance connectivity, power systems, and 24/7 security, ensuring your business operations run. Our managed Colocation Services reduce downtime risks and provide a cost-effective solution that aligns with your business needs.


Managed Hosting

APP IN SNAP customizes its Managed Hosting services to meet your specific business requirements. Our fully managed hosting solutions allow you to focus on your strategic goals. We actively observe and maintain continuous tough security protocols, we ensure your digital wealth is in expert hands.

Improve your hosting experience with our dedicated support team, ensuring ideal uptime and responsiveness. We deliver supreme managed hosting solutions that lead to productivity and advancement for your company.

Datacenter Infrastructure Management


Our Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) service empowers businesses with immediate insights and controls over their data center infrastructure management system.

Improving energy efficiency and making specific hardware integration to active monitoring system and analytics, APP IN SNAP's DCIM services modernize operations and develop overall performance.

Disaster Recovery Planning


Protect your business stability with our data center Disaster Recovery Planning process. Our approach certifies that your critical data and operations remain strong in the face of sudden challenges.

Our expert team customizes solutions to meet your unique needs, from complete risk assessments to recovery strategies. APP IN SNAP ensures your business is ready for unexpected swift recovery to maintain operations.

High Availability Solutions


Improve your business reliability with APP IN SNAP's High Availability Solutions. Our technologies ensure non-stop performance for your critical applications and data.

With faultless failover capabilities and proactive monitoring, we guarantee prime time and responsiveness. Our strong defense system protects your business and ensures it can adapt to digital changes.

Cooling and Energy Efficiency

APP IN SNAP's Cooling and Energy Efficiency solutions maintain data center environmental standards, responsibility, and operational efficiency. Our experts designed technologies to improve temperature control, ensure your data center performs at peak and minimize energy consumption. We focus on sustainability and implement innovative cooling solutions to enhance equipment's life and efficient data center cooling.

Physical Security Measures


We select the purity of your digital assets through advanced data center Physical Security standard. Our facilities employ innovative observation, biometric access controls, and 24/7 on-site security. We defend your critical infrastructure against unauthorized access and possible threats.

Data Center Connectivity

Our Datacenter Connectivity solutions provide a network infrastructure ensuring communication and data transfer. Our services empower your business with the best performance and reliability.

APP IN SNAP raises your connectivity experience and enables you to navigate the digital view smoothly. Utilize our data center standards where speed, reliability, and scalability converge to support the needs of your business.

Datacenter Compliance Standard

APP IN SNAP Datacenter Compliance Standards commits to the highest level of security and reliability. Our facilities follow industry regulatory frameworks and verify your critical data's privacy, integrity, and availability.

Our detailed compliance approach limits privacy, environmental sustainability, and industry regulations. We guarantee that your data center meets and goes beyond compliance standards.

Scalability and Growth Planning

Experience supreme strategic growth planning with APP IN SNAP's advanced Data Center Services. We precisely design our solutions to expand beside your business. We provide flexible resource allocation to on-demand scalability and empower you to adjust swiftly and efficiently.

APP IN SNAP helps your business grow by offering a strong base for progress, with fresh chances and obstacles.

Security Measures


We understand the principal importance of data Security Measures. Multi-layered security protocols defend our Data Center. Strong security measures, including biometric access controls, constant supervision, and round-the-clock monitoring, ensure maximum data safety against potential threats.

Compliance provides legal assurances and helps customer confidence. Our experience guiding clients through complex certification processes makes adhering to strict security standards smooth and efficient. Our company supports your continued compliance progress.


In the scope of data management, consistency is non-negotiable. APP IN SNAP engineers the Data Center to ensure maximum uptime and operational stability. We minimize the risk of idle time, allowing you to focus on your data for business success.

Support and Maintenance

Our expert support team is available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide help whenever you need it. We monitor and maintain your Data Center to keep it running smoothly, so you can focus on your main business tasks.

Datacenter Services List


1- Colocation server hosting:

Secure facilities for storing your servers, ensuring ideal performance and consistency while benefiting from our infrastructure and monitoring. We provide colocation data center, colocation hosting server room and colocation hosting solutions.

2- Cloud Hosting Solutions:

Cloud technology with our scalable hosting solutions. Our expert support back up elasticity, efficiency, and access to sources for your applications.

3- Managed Hosting:

Let us handle the difficulties of server management. Our Managed Hosting services specify proactive observation, security, and maintenance, confirming that your systems run smoothly and securely.

4- Network Connectivity:

Our Network Connectivity services guarantee low potential, high bandwidth, and connectivity for your critical business applications.

5- Disaster Recovery Services:

Protect your data with our services, advantages from backup solutions, rapid data return, and recovery plans.

6- Security and Compliance:

Our security measures and compliance protocols. We prioritize data protection, implementing security technologies to defend your sensitive information and secure regulatory compliance.

7- Data Migration Services:

Transition of your data with our expert Data Migration services. Whether you are updating the system or changing places, we ensure a smooth and secure migration process.

8- Sever Virtualization:

Optimize resource utilization with our server virtualization services. Increased efficiency, reduced costs of hardware and software.

9- 24/7 Technical Support:

Our dedicated team is ready to address any issues rapidly. Your data center operations run smoothly and minimize any disruptions to your business.

10- Custom Solutions:

Your data center services meet specific business requirements with our Custom Solutions. We work together to design and implement solutions that align perfectly with your needs.

Why Choose APP IN SNAP


Our technology infrastructure ensures top performance, reliability, and scalability. With advanced security measures and proactive monitoring, we highlight the security and continuity of your actions. We go beyond by suggesting environmentally responsible solutions. APP IN SNAP provides services to meet your unique business needs.


Q.How secure is APP IN SNAP's Data Center?

Our commitment to security is solid. Biometric access controls, advanced investigations, and continuous monitoring form the strength of our security measures, providing strong protection for your significant data.

Q.What measures are in place to minimize downtime?

The APP in SNAP's Data Center is reliable. It has power and a sturdy design to reduce downtime. This ensures constant access to important data.

Q.Can I quickly scale my data storage with APP IN SNAP?

Yes, scalability is at the core of our Data Center Solutions. Our infrastructure can adapt to your changing data needs, letting you increase storage resources as your business grows.

Q.What kind of connectivity options do you offer?

Our Data Center provides high-speed, carrier-neutral connectivity, facilitating efficient data transfer and communication for your business operations.

Q.What support services are available for the Data Center?

Our commitment to your success extends beyond infrastructure. Count on our skilled support team for monitoring, maintenance, and quick response to keep your data center running smoothly.

Q.How does APP IN SNAP ensure environmental responsibility?

Sustainability is a priority for us. We designed our Data Center with energy efficiency in mind, reducing environmental impact while maintaining top performance optimized datacenter.

Q.Is APP IN SNAP's Data Center compliant with industry standards?

Absolutely Our Data Center adheres to industry standards, ensuring that your data management practices meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards.