Private and Public Cloud Services

Future-Proof Your Business with APP IN SNAP's Cloud Services

APP IN SNAP has the expertise to migrate and optimize your workloads on scalable, secure cloud infrastructure. Our comprehensive end-to-end services helps you to unlock the cloud's full potential.


Our Services

We provide complete lifecycle cloud services and solutions to successfully execute your cloud journey:

Public Cloud Hosting Services


Our public cloud hosting services help you architect robust cloud environments on AWS, Azure or GCP tailored to your workloads and objectives. We migrate and deploy apps to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of the public cloud. Continuous management and monitoring ensures optimized performance and security. Public cloud allows you to focus on business innovation vs infrastructure.

Private Cloud Setup


For organizations that require greater control and customization, we design and implement private cloud solutions using VMware or Microsoft stacks. We build high-performance, agile private cloud environments on-premises based on your unique requirements. Tight integration with existing systems enables leveraging cloud capabilities while retaining on-prem management. Our private cloud services provide the benefits of the cloud within your own controlled infrastructure.

Cloud Integration and Modernization


Our specialized cloud integration services seamlessly connect applications and data across cloud and on-premises systems. We modernize legacy apps through cloud-enabling approaches like re-platforming and refactoring. Our experts integrate your disparate environments onto a unified cloud foundation for smoother operations and insights.

Cloud Strategy Services

We provide consulting-led cloud strategy services to define the right cloud adoption roadmap aligned to your business goals and use cases. Our vendor-neutral experts assess your needs and provide strategy recommendations on cloud utilization, rollout cadence, and optimization approaches. We empower you to maximize cloud benefits through a tailored strategic plan.

Cloud Migration Solutions


Leveraging our proven and repeatable methodology, we securely and efficiently migrate your workloads to the cloud with minimal disruption. Our structured approach covers assessment, planning, cloud-native redesign, data migration, validation, cutover, and knowledge transfer. We make cloud migration seamless end-to-end.

Cloud Maintenance and Security


We provide ongoing managed services for your cloud environments encompassing day-to-day operations, performance monitoring, security management, cost governance, and continuous optimization. Our experts become an extension of your team to maintain and enhance your cloud solutions. We ensure robust security across network, data, identity, applications and infrastructure.

Monitoring Services

Proactive monitoring of cloud performance and resource utilization is key to optimization. Our 24/7 monitoring provides real-time visibility into metrics across your cloud environment. We track KPIs for factors like uptime, throughput, latency, capacity, costs and more. Performance issues are swiftly detected and addressed before impacting operations. Our dashboards give insight into usage trends and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Disaster Recovery Services


We architect and manage reliable cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities to keep your data protected. Our cloud backup solutions provide frequent backups with offsite replication. We ensure resilient restore mechanisms and processes are in place for rapid recovery in case of disruption or loss. Regular disaster recovery testing validates recoverability. Robust cloud business continuity services give confidence your organization can withstand downtime events.

Cloud Cost Management

Our specialized tools and processes provide visibility into cloud spending and opportunities for savings. We optimize your usage of cloud resources and services to reduce waste and control costs. Consolidation, right-sizing, reservations, spot instances, automation, and architecture choices are leveraged to maximize value. We also provide budgeting assistance and cost allocation capabilities.

Cloud Compliance and Regulations


We help you build cloud environments that adhere to relevant security, regulatory and compliance frameworks related to your data and industry. This includes enablement of security controls, access safeguards, encryption, and availability needed to achieve compliance with standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX etc. We ensure you can leverage the cloud confidently while meeting your compliance obligations.

Our Methodology

We utilize a proven, phased methodology to ensure successful cloud outcomes:


We thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure, workloads, and processes to map out considerations for cloud migration. Technical, security, operational and cost factors are analyzed as part of readiness assessment. We evaluate workload architectures, dependencies, data requirements, performance needs and more. This establishes the baseline for planning.


Based on the assessment, we create a detailed migration plan customized to your environment and priorities. The plan maps out timelines, stages, resource needs, project teams, costs, and risk mitigation strategies. It balances your business needs, budget, technical prerequisites, and organizational change impacts. We involve key stakeholders and gather feedback to refine the plan.


With a vetted plan in place, we proceed to the migration deployment phase. Our engineers execute the step-by-step migration playbooks with minimal disruption to operations. Environments and configurations are set up per the plan. Data is securely transferred. Code and applications are deployed and tested. Validation ensures cloud readiness as you transition.


Once deployed, optimization is ongoing through continuous monitoring, cost management, performance tuning, and feature adoption. As the environment evolves, new cloud-native capabilities are implemented to boost efficiency and ROI. Our managed services team handles daily operations while advising on optimizations.

Why Choose APP IN SNAP


APP IN SNAP provides the full spectrum of cloud services and delivery models:

Public Cloud - We design, migrate to, and manage robust public cloud environments on AWS, Azure, and GCP leveraging cloud-native capabilities.

Private Cloud - Our VMware and Microsoft private cloud builds meet needs for customization and on-prem control.

Hybrid Cloud - We skillfully integrate public, private, and on-prem into a unified hybrid environment.

Cloud Backup - We implement resilient data protection through cloud-based backup solutions.


Q.How do you ensure security in the cloud?

We adhere to cloud security best practices around data encryption, identity management, network controls, OS hardening, and application security. Our expertise in cloud security is unmatched.

Q.Which cloud platforms do you specialize in?

Our certified team has extensive expertise across AWS, Azure, and GCP to architect the ideal cloud solutions.

Q.How do you optimize costs in the cloud?

We leverage automation, right-sizing, RI/DI purchases, spot instances, resource hibernation, and detailed monitoring to optimize cloud costs.

Q.Do you handle end-to-end cloud migrations?

Yes, our structured migration framework covers assessment, planning, data/code migration, validation, cutover and knowledge transfer.

For future-ready cloud services backed by deep expertise, choose APP IN SNAP.